Choosing A Hotel In Orlando

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Are you and your family looking for a hotel in Orlando for your trip to Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando? Even experienced Florida travelers may want some suggestions to find the best hotel in Orlando for their family. You may be tempted to just make reservations at the hotel that comes with the first package deal that looks good to you, but with just a little extra effort and research you may find a hotel in Orlando that is even better suited to your family’s needs and that uses the best Orlando Pest Control.

Before you choose your hotel, decide what you will be doing in Orlando, or where you will be spending the majority of your time. If you are going to be visiting Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando, you might want to find a hotel in Orlando that is right onsite. Both of these theme parks have several affiliated hotels and resorts which cater to their guests. The advantages of choosing a hotel in Orlando that is right onsite of the theme park of your choice are many. You will be able to get a shuttle service fairly easily from your hotel to the park. You can make quick trips back to the hotel for naps which you might not be able to do from another hotel in Orlando. There are restaurants and amenities all within walking distance and you can get discounts on tickets and food and other extras.

On the other hand, if you choose an off-site hotel there are different yet possibly just as appealing advantages. One of the main advantages is that you can save money when you stay off-site. The savings at an offsite hotel in Orlando may be greater than the discounted food and tickets. Many hotels also offer shuttles to theme parks regularly. They have activities and clubs for kids for those days when you don’t want to go to the theme park.

Amenities that you may want to look for in any Orlando hotel include pet-friendly hotels and hotels that offer suites or adjoining room packages for larger families. You can also find hotels that offer full or continental breakfasts or nightly buffets and dive-in movies. The best time to visit Orlando and the theme parks is from October to March or April. Look for all-inclusive packages to get the best deals on airfare, theme park tickets, rental car, and your hotel.